Unlock Your Peak Performance: Preventative Power of the MOT Assessment

Ready to level up your fitness without injuries holding you back? 

Whether you're a gym newbie or a seasoned athlete, the MOT assessment can be your proactive ally. This comprehensive evaluation empowers you and your trainer to identify and address hidden imbalances before they become issues.


Track your progress and Train smarter:


The MOT doesn't just react to problems; it anticipates them. Here's how:


Thermal Imaging: Imagine seeing potential trouble spots before they manifest as pain! This advanced technique reveals temperature variations on your skin, potentially indicating early signs of overuse, fatigue or inflammation. By addressing these early warnings, you can nip problems in the bud and stay on track towards your goals.

Postural Analysis: Poor posture can hinder performance and lead to discomfort. We assess your posture, identifying subtle imbalances that might affect your movement patterns and long-term well-being. This proactive approach helps you optimize your form for injury prevention and peak performance.

Muscle Force Measurement: Uneven muscle strength can lead to various problems. The MOT employs precise measurements to assess different muscle groups, revealing any imbalances that might affect your movement efficiency and optimal performance.

Orthopedic Tests: Sometimes, underlying musculoskeletal conditions can silently hinder your progress. Our assessment includes specific orthopedic tests designed to rule out any such issues, providing valuable peace of mind and ensuring you're focusing your efforts on the right aspects of your fitness journey.

Resting heart rate and blood pressure: These vital statistics provide valuable insights into your overall cardiovascular health and fitness level, allowing for personalized recommendations to optimize your training for improved performance and well-being.

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